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The Jovell (POSSESSION:2023)

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The Jovell

The Jovell
As a high rising residential development, The Jovell Condo sits at Flora Drive and five minutes towards Changi Airport. Families will enjoy its proximity to major transport routes and vibrant trading centers. They will also have many amenities at their disposal plus exceptional features included in their homes. Below is a detailed description of the property accompanied by its location benefits. Information about the developers is accurate and thoroughly researched. If you desire to learn more about the condo’s nearby developments, there is an exclusive section with relevant details. An analysis of commercial buildings and shopping centers is available followed by the government’s master plan and how it impacts Jovell’s residents.

Based on the developer’s plan, the condo has nine residential towers of eight stories whose unit mix include one to five bedrooms and penthouses. Aside from having impeccable detailing, residents will have many facilities at their disposal. They include a playground, swimming pool, function room, BBQ Pits, clubhouse, gymnasium, tennis courts, wading pool, Jacuzzi, fitness area, parking lot, and steam bath. You will also have water heaters, air conditioning, drop off points, intercom services, and a 24hour security. For each apartment, comfortable spaces will be allocated to enhance your living experience. The living room and dining area have ample ground to entertain your guests. Exotic settings have been set up to ensure families share intimate bonding and dining moments. The atmosphere captured in the bedrooms is relaxed and inviting, not to forget the adjoining bathroom, large closets, drawers, and extra space for shelves. Illuminating the area are plentiful windows accompanied by the latest lighting appliances.

While all units get a storage room, some will have an additional office or study room. Either way, both features serve different residents uniquely. At the kitchen, you will find beautiful countertops and an island for your cooking amusement. The customized cabinets, drawers and spice shelves will be mounted for you to store kitchen items. Furthermore, the management plans on installing modern and sophisticated equipment such as a cooker hob/hood for your culinary skills. Some units have more than one sink while others accommodate a few due to their sizes. Dimensions of individual apartments have been carefully revised and thoroughly crafted to ensure that their respective occupants acquire maximum satisfaction. The units also carry a classic ambiance expected to dazzle residents and accommodate their preference in interior and exterior décor.


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